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10 Best! Coborn’s Proteins for the Grill

The start of grilling season opens up a whole new world of meal opportunities. The Coborn’s Meat Department is stocked all summer long with great protein selections for your next backyard barbeque. Read on for our top ten!

Four Brothers Gourmet Beef Patties
1 – Four Brothers Gourmet Beef Patties
In addition to delectable hams and bacon, Four Brothers is proud to offer many varieties of gourmet all-beef patties. These patties are hand pressed, which is what gives them their moist flavor and are stuffed with savory combinations from Cheddar and Jalapeño to Swiss and Mushroom to Pepper Jack among other tremendous varieties. Try a Bacon Cheddar Burger topped with mayo and Ol West BBQ sauce on an English muffin or a classic Bacon Cheeseburger by pairing Four Brothers hand-pressed patties with Four Brothers juicy bacon. The options are limitless with help from Four Brothers Gourmet Beef Patties!

Compart Duroc Pork
2 – Compart Duroc Pork
Coborn’s Meat and Seafood Department is proud to carry a full supply of Duroc Pork. Coborn’s chooses Duroc Pork products because it promises an all-natural mouth-watering rich flavored pork, with superior tenderness and natural juiciness. Compart Duroc hogs are born, bred and raised on small farms where family members are involved in the day-to-day management of their stock. Compart Family Farms have also conducted extensive research and development to create a proprietary Compart Duroc feeding program. This feeding program optimizes both the pigs’ performance and its meat quality.

3 – Kabobs
Coborn’s pre-skewered kabobs are fun, easy and perfect for the grill! Choose from juicy chicken or steak combined with fresh bell peppers and onions. Grill beef kabobs 8 to 10 minutes, 15 to 20 minutes for chicken kabobs.

Four Brothers Flame Seared Ribs
4 – Four Brothers Flame Seared Ribs
At Coborn’s we’ve taken grilling perfection and convenience to a new level with our delicious slow-roasted flame-seared ribs. Braised, seared and already fire roasted to seal in the juicy flavors, Four Brothers Flame Seared ribs save you time and effort. Feel free to add your own favorite barbeque sauce to enhance the eating experience.

Signature Smokehouse Brats
5 – Signature Smokehouse Brats
Grilling this weekend or looking for the best top quality meats and sausages to feed to your family? Look no further than the Meat & Seafood Department for Coborn’s Signature Smokehouse Meats. Coborn’s Private Label Signature Meats consist of smoked and fresh ground meats and sausages that are made with only top quality ingredients. We create our own signature recipes for old-fashioned goodness and flavor using our truly top of the line, high quality products. When you take home a package of Coborn’s Signature Smokehouse Meats you can rest assured that you are taking home quality. Try our Signature brand the next time you visit a Coborn’s Meat & Seafood Department.

BBQ Flat Chicken
6 – BBQ Flat Chicken
A new item in our Meat Department, Coborn’s Flat Chicken cooks quick and even on the grill with the added benefit of keeping steady on your platter when serving. We pre-season ours so they’re ready to go right on the grill, creating a dinner protein that will serve about 4 to 6 people.

Norwegian Salmon
7 – Norwegian Salmon
Coborn’s is proud to sell fresh wild-caught and farm-raised seafood with only the highest sustainability standards in the industry. Fresh Flight fish and seafood is caught off the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and from Alaskan waters and then flown in directly to our stores, keeping it FRESH as you serve it to your family around the dinner table. Coborn’s has a strong partnership with seafood suppliers who share our same dedication to selling fish from regional and global suppliers that we know and trust.

Hereford Beef Steak
8 – Hereford Beef Steak
It started 18 years ago as Coborn’s began searching for a company with high quality beef to carry in their growing chain of stores. Multiple programs were interviewed and trialed, and ultimately Certified Hereford Beef became the obvious picture-perfect match for the Coborn’s brand. Certified Hereford Beef is the utmost quality due to its breed specific nature. Studies at Colorado State University exhibited that Certified Hereford Beef outperformed breed specific USDA standards for consistent quality, top-notch genetics and overall superiority.

Wholey Raw Easy-Peel Shrimp
9 – Wholey Raw Easy-Peel Shrimp
Our raw easy peel shrimp requires a little more work than the fully cooked variety, but they’re well worth the effort. Their very large size makes them perfect for grilling and they’re all natural, have no preservatives and are chemical free.

Full Circle Grass Fed Beef
10 – Full Circle Grass Fed Beef
Raised with no hormones or antibiotics ever, our certified organic Full Circle grass fed beef is the highest quality available. Shop our offerings of ribeye, strip and sirloin steak, ground beef and stew meat.