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With my crazy lifestyle it always seems like I’m in a hurry and sometimes I just don’t have a clue what to make for dinner, well today was one of those days. On my way home from work I decided to stop in at my local Coborn’s because I was headed to the cabin and wanted to pick up something delicious and convenient for dinner. What’s great is that Coborn’s takes the guesswork out of making dinner and they have a ton of quick meal ideas, which is great for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

The first stop I made was when I walked into the store and there right before me was the biggest display of fresh strawberries and let me tell you, they were huge. These strawberries were the perfect item to get my dinner started. Then as I continued through the store I stopped by the Floral Department. I couldn’t pass up a Gerber Daisy because it always looks so great to have some fresh flowers out on display to decorate my table, especially in the summer months.

Summertime CakesThe next stop was on my way to the Bakery Department. The summertime cakes were on display and they featured Lemon, Key Lime and Piña Colada and these seasonal flavored cakes are made fresh. Well I couldn’t make up my mind on what to pick out so I said, “Why not take home two?” Today my choices were Lemon and Key Lime and next time it will definitely be Piña Colada.

As I continue my walk through the aisles my next stop is straight to the Fresh Meat Department. Coborn’s has a brand new item in their Full Service Case that is one of the hottest trends right now for summer and it is called “Flat Chicken”. The backbone of the chicken has been removed so it lies flat and you can lay it right on the grilled. It is already pre-seasoned with either BBQ or Rotisserie rub and it is so much easier to cook on the grill instead of a whole chicken because it cooks more evenly.

Cold Summer Salads from the Coborn's DeliNow that I have my main entrée, all I have to do is pick up a salad from the Deli Department and I will pretty much be ready to check out. I’m excited to announce that we have several new summer salads, and as usual I can’t make up my mind. So what do I do? I not only get one or two of our summer salads, but I end up choosing three salads. The first one is my absolute favorite and it’s called “Mediterranean Bow Tie Pasta”, it is a non-mayo based salad and has a hint of dill for flavor – I love it! Next, I just had to try our “Lite Vegetable Salad” and the “Broccoli Kale Cranberry Crunch”, all of which contain no mayo in them, making them even healthier. Don’t forget when you are shopping in any one of our Deli Departments if you want to try a salad just ask for a sample from one of our deli employees and they will be more than happy to get it for you.

Refreshing Water: Aqua Fusion H20I am a huge water drinker and Coborn’s now has brand new item in the Produce Department called “Aqua Fusion H20”. It’s made fresh daily with spring water and all-natural ingredients. I’m crazy about the water because it has huge pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables in them to give such an awesome flavor. It will definitely keep you hydrated while you are at the lake and in the hot sun all day!

Now it took me less than 20 minutes to pick up my dinner and will take about 45 minutes to prepare. How much easier can that get? Now it’s time to check out and head to the cabin to relax for the weekend.


Deli & Bakery Merchandising Specialist Team Manager

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