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A Piece of Cake

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It’s what on the inside that counts. As much as everyone loves an expertly decorated cake at the end of the day you know what everyone is looking forward to. Eating it! The most popular cake flavor I send out around here is marble. It’s a very Minnesotan choice. A little white cake, a little chocolate cake, everyone gets a little of what they want. Why not surprise your guests with something just a little different? The best way to jazz up your cake, whether it’s white, marble, chocolate, or beyond, is to add a filling. If one flavor is good, why not boost it with two? Here are some fun pairings to tempt your taste buds.

20160501_135142Strawberry Cream Cake, white cake filled with stripes of two of our most popular fillings. After splitting the cake it’s filled with diagonal stripes of alternating strawberry and bavarian cream filling. When you cut your cake you get a fun visual effect with the two fillings and with each bite your flavor changes a little. I like this cake with either frosting. Whipped tends to make it easier to taste the filling since it doesn’t over shadow with sweetness, but on the other hand, buttercream has that sweetness some people love in their cake. This cake can add a formal touch to an anniversary cake but also be a kid pleaser with its classic flavors.

20160501_134906If you are looking for something a little different try a lemon cake with raspberry filling, or as I call it in my head, Raspberry Lemonade. This cake has an unexpected zingyness when most people expect sweetness. The cheery lemon cake goes nice with raspberry filling to create a cake that makes me think of summer. I would say this cake definitely feels more grown up with its flavor combo. Another variation that I really enjoy is Strawberry Lemonade. The zingy lemon, the smooth sweetness of strawberry people most often say it’s “refreshing” in a world full of decadent chocolates, caramels, and cream cheeses.

20160501_134352Cookie and Cream Cake, chocolate cake filled with chopped Oreos mixed with whipped icing. Who doesn’t love cookies? The cookies add a nice texture contrast, but still soften up enough to make it easy to cut the cake. Either whipped icing or buttercream icing would go nicely. The whipped icing would keep the cake light and fluffy while the buttercream would mimic the cookie filling’s sweetness. This cake would also taste great with red velvet cake in place of the chocolate. I think it would be fun to do a cake for a little one who loves construction and add in this filling as “dirt”.

20160501_134208Strawberry Fudge cake, made with our pink strawberry cake and filled with gooey fudge filling. This cake makes me think of spring and little girl princess parties. The strawberry is sweet, but not sugary sweet. The fudge has a smooth texture and darker flavor in contrast to the strawberry. I like this cake with whipped icing. It kind of reminds me of a hot fudge sundae with strawberries on top. The whipped icing is like the mellow ice cream flavor. You could certainly use buttercream on this, it will just be a sweeter tasting cake and can make it harder to taste the mellow strawberry flavor.

20160501_134639In keeping with the strawberry flavor let’s make a Neapolitan Layer Cake! Coborn’s does offer this flavor as a cake on its own, it’s white with chocolate and strawberry marbled in to it. But how amazing does this neapolitan layer cake slice look? With a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of whipped strawberry filling and a layer of white cake this cake always impresses when the first slice is removed. Other than being lovely to look at it tastes great too. 3 classic flavors in one cake. You can eat one flavor at a time or load up your fork in mix and match bites. With either frosting this cake is a welcome treat at any get together. For a variation you could also try this cake with whipped raspberry filling instead, the tart filling will still look amazing and give a peppier flavor.

Are you hungry yet? I know I am. Maybe you’ll have to throw a party just so you can eat cake! White, marble, and chocolate cakes are great, but remember to treat yourself and your guests with something a little unexpected your next get together. Ask your decorator about cake and filling options next time you are ordering.

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