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Kevin C.Set the date on your Calendar August 16th 2017, World Bratwurst Day!!!  This little celebrated day should be a bigger event than what is currently is. These small but hearty sausages are a staple in many homes throughout the world. This day should be a time to get together and honor this small but delicious treat.

The origin of Bratwurst dates back to the early 1300’s in Germany. Bratwurst, referred to many in the USA as “Brats”, were popularized in the state of Wisconsin by German Immigrants who continued the heritage that their ancestors started. Each local butcher shop created their own secret recipe that was guarded and held close to the cuff to keep their customers coming back for more. Today, these recipes are still family secrets and are often boasted as the best in the World!!

At Coborn’s we take our Bratwurst serious too!! We know that Bratwursts are good, but we make them “Great”. We believe our Signature recipe is one of the best that can be found (another one of those Family Secrets that has been passed from generation to generation). Our Guests keep coming back for more and more of these hearty links. Our Signature Fresh Mega Bratwurst are produced with the finest cuts of lean and meaty pork. We finely chop the meat and add our special blend of spices and seasonings and place them in a natural casing to offer you the best possible eating experience around. One of these Mega Brats is big enough to feed the heartiest of appetites. We offer seven unique and tasty varieties for you to choose. From the Northern Minnesota inspired “Wild Rice Brat” to the bold and tasty Jalapeno Cheddar Brat, each variety offers a unique eating experience.

Grilling, baking, or panfrying these brats are good cooking methods. My favorite way to prepare these Mega brats is to give these links time to cook and to soak up a few drops of beer to accompany the flavor of these Great Links. I create what I call a “Bratwurst Hot Tub” on my Grill.

I start by placing my cast iron skillet on my grill and preheat the pan and the grill for ten minutes or so. I slice an onion or two, and a Green and Red Bell Pepper. I sauté the onion and pepper in the cast iron skillet with a tablespoon or two of butter. At the same time, I place the Bratwurst (any one of our seven varieties work well) on the other side of the grill and brown them. After browning the Bratwurst, I place them into the cast iron skillet with the peppers and onions, and add enough beer (a can or two) to cover the bratwurst. I then slowly simmer the brats for 45-50 minutes on the grill turning the brats a time or two to ensure that they get the needed moisture to keep them from drying. I have found that cooking the brats in this manner allows me time to relax and enjoy my company, while adding that something extra to these already outstanding Mega Brats. I serve the bratwurst on one of our Signature Fresh Bakery Bratwurst Buns, add some of the sautéed onions and peppers, and any other favorite condiment that you may have!!

Kevin Connor 
Merchandising Specialist Team Manager for Meat and Seafood

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