Behind The Scenes - Display Cakes | The art of Cakes with Amanda


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the cakes you order and the ones you see on display in our stores? We get that question pretty often! Although the display cakes are not made with real cake, they do still have real frosting, and they’re made with just as much time and attention to detail.

The biggest difference with the display cakes is that they are made with styrofoam! Although it might seem like the display cakes would be easier to make, they’re actually more challenging! Styrofoam is very light, and some of the forms are hollow so they don’t like to stay put very well. They can be easier to stack since we can use different methods of lifting foam that you can’t use with real cake. You might notice in my video that I am able to use some little chop sticks to use as a handle while stacking some of the tiers.

When creating different shapes, like the cupcake for the top tier, I normally would shape the cake as close to my finished product as I can. With styrofoam I try to shape it only as much as I need to since those tiny pieces make such a huge mess! Shaping real cake is much easier. I will utilize the frosting to help build into the shape I want versus carving the foam.

I also try to make sure the details are more dramatic or enlarged with display cakes. A lot of times they’re up on a shelf where people can’t get up close to them to see all the fine details. By making the sprinkles with frosting versus using actual sprinkles, you can see them from a distance and they make a much bigger impact in the final design.

Most of the time we spend decorating cakes is spent on the base icing of each layer. The fun part is making it pretty and adding all the details to make it stand out. I love being able to get creative and try new things all the time.

Make sure to check out my video to see the whole process as well as the finished product! Plus, keep an eye out for the cake in my video! It’s on display in our newly remodeled store in Little Falls, MN.

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