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Hey all! November celebrates Diabetes Awareness Month! We have written blogs in the past on diabetes basics and have several handouts on diabetes as well. So, for this blog I wanted to do a bit of myth busting in regards to diabetes- my personal favorite.

Should I eat low carb and avoid carbs?

NO! You MUST have carbs at every meal and snack in order to keep your blood sugars most consistent- the different comes in with the type of carbs we recommend. Sorry this isn’t your free ticket to Little Debbies at every eating occasion. We recommend whole grains, fruits, starchy vegetables, milk and yogurt as ways to get your good complex carbs. The ones with fiber and protein that can aid in better blood sugar control as it doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugars and then a dip- it is more of a moderate rise in blood sugars that then stays more consistent for a longer period of time.

Also if you are consuming too few carbs it can cause low energy – your body and organs absolutely need carbs for energy to continue its daily functions as efficiently as possible- carbs should be the body’s main source of fuel as that is what our bodies are meant to run on.

Last but definitely not least, if you are taking meds and/or insulin you NEED to have carbs or you are at a higher risk for low blood sugars which can be dangerous quite frankly.  It is always a good idea to monitor your blood sugars on a regular basis.

Starchy vegetables? Shouldn’t I avoid them?

Starchy vegetables are still vegetables, loaded with nutrition, providing a good source of fiber.  You just need to count the ½ cup serving as a carb choice.  Potatoes are a healthy produce item! Did you know they have a lot of potassium and vitamin C aside from other nutrients. There is no need to completely avoid starchy vegetables and you can make them work in your meal plan while still keeping your carbs in check.

White foods- they have no nutrition are bad for people with diabetes.

White foods? I want to know where this started. Maybe it is the idea that white flour lost much of its nutrition in processing or that white sugar has no nutrition- the truth is white, brown or organic sugar doesn’t have nutrition. Does the statement above mean that cauliflower, potatoes, bananas, yogurt, milk and cheese are bad- to name a few? It shouldn’t!  All of those foods just listed are nutritious in proper portions and choosing low fat diary and no sugar added its always best- especially when it comes to yogurt.

I hope you all learned something! Again, make sure all your information is given by a certified and registered professional.  There is so much misinformation out there and we want to make sure you have the best information, science based of course, so that you can make the best-informed decisions for your individual situation. Remember your supermarket registered dietitian team is always here to help answer questions, meet for a consult, provide ideas for menu planning, or a grocery tour!

Peace and Wellness,

Ashley Kibutha, RD, LD
Coborn’s Supermarket Registered Dietitian

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