Fishing Opener |

It’s Fishing Opener!! One of my favorite Summer holidays!! I just love this weekend because it brings back so many family memories. When I was a kid my family and I never missed a fishing opener. It was rise and shine at 5:00 am. because you were on the boat by 6:00 am. to see the sunrise. I was never disappointed if I didn’t catch a fish it was just so much fun on the boat with family.  

Years later opening fishing is still a big event at our cabin because I always make a big breakfast for everyone. Then we pack the coolers with lunch because when the fish are biting, you just don’t have time to come back to the cabin to make lunch nor do you want to. You might miss catching the big one!! So, I thought I would put together a list of my menu to help you plan yours.


  • Fresh Eggs from our Dairy Department
  • Fresh Four Brothers Bacon from our Meat Department
  • Fresh Kemps Orange Juice
  • Fresh Sunny Sunflower Bread from our Bakery Department


  • Kretschmar Shaved Honey Ham from our Deli Department
  • Kretschmar Sliced Cheddar Cheese from our Deli Department
  • Potato Salad from our Deli Department
  • Four Brothers Dollar Buns from our Bakery Department
  • Our Signature Beef Sticks and Tangy Summer Sausage from our Meat Department
  • Assorted Variety of Food Club Snacks you will find in our Snack Aisle


  • The “Catch of the Day”
  • Variety of Salads from our Deli Department
  • Fresh Cut Fruit from the Produce Department
  • Dessert of Course!! Kemps “Gone Fishin” for the Chocolate Lover from the Frozen Department.
  • Fishing Bobber Cupcakes for the kiddy’s from the Bakery. 

Good Luck on your Fishing Opener and I hope you Catch the Big One!!!!

Coborn’s, Inc. Merchandising Specialist Team Manager – Bakery & Deli
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