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Kevin C.Many of our Guests have been asking “What is Flavor Seal?”

Flavor Seal is a new and innovative way to package meat that does not require any additives or preservatives to the Beef and Pork products we offer. This unique packaging process seals in the natural goodness of each cut and offers our guests the best possible eating experience each and every time. Our Beef and Pork is the same Great Product our Guests have been purchasing for years.

Flavor Seal Beef and Pork is about the Product not the packaging. We continue to give our Guests the Great Eating Experience they are accustomed to with our Certified Hereford Beef and Prairie Fresh Premium Pork offerings. The Steaks, Roasts, and Chops are cut by Quality Meat Cutters that truly care about the product that they are placing on your dinner table. The difference that Flavor Seal packaging offers is the flexibility it gives to today’s busy Guest that can plan ahead and does not have to worry about cooking that Steak or Chop they just purchased tonight or tomorrow.

We moved to Flavor seal packaging years ago to assist our Guests in making sure that the product they choose will get the same eating experience each and every time. We Started this process years ago and have progress and perfected the process and are now bringing it to all of our guests to enjoy.

We now offer Ground Beef, Beef, and Pork in the Flavor Seal packaging. Each Package is individually sealed and protected from the outside elements that breakdown the quality of the product. The different color that you see, is the color of the meat when oxygen is removed from the package. When you open the package and expose it to the air, that same great color you are accustomed to seeing will return.

The other benefits that this innovative package offers is the ability to go right to your freezer if you choose to do so. This package is freezer ready and will give the product extended life because the oxygen has been removed from the package. Another great feature is that each package is dated to give our Guests the ability to plan their meals out for an extended period of time. Instead of having to go to the Grocery Store two to three times a week, you can pick up all of your Beef and Pork options days ahead of time and save that valuable time to make your life easier. No more bloody packages, this air tight package should not leak. This package is also durable and will travel well in a cooler for the weekend, in fact some guests will freeze their Flavor Seal Beef and Pork and use them as an ice pack and save money on ice. This package is easy to open, and will stack nicely in the refrigerator and freezer.

And one last feature of the Flavor Seal packaging, it is one of the most Eco-Friendly packages that is used today. We try to listen to our Guests when they ask for us to consider ways to conserve our precious resources. We need to always make our living space better for tomorrows generations.

Kevin Connor 
Merchandising Specialist Team Manager for Meat and Seafood

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