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Kevin C.Our Meat Departments are not just your destination for Fresh Meat, but also the choice for many as their Seafood Destination too.

Where we get it from

We have a great Seafood Supplier that is one of the best in the Upper Midwest. They are a supplier to many of the Best Fine Seafood Restaurants in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Western Wisconsin. They have Fresh Seafood flown in daily from many countries all around the world. They are a responsibly sourced company that takes pride in making sure that the seafood we supply to you our Guest, supports those companies that are committed to making sure that our marine ecosystems stay sustainable to provide Seafood for the many generations to come.

We keep it fresh

We take the Seafood that is flown in daily, and have it delivered to all of our locations. We order many times a week to make sure that the Seafood you choose is as fresh as possible. We know that by doing this, the Seafood on your table is as fresh as possible. Our standards are this high, because we value the trust that our Guests expect each and every day.

Our variety

The variety and selection of our Seafood is always changing. We try to keep the offerings constantly changing with the many different seasons for Fish and Seafood around the world. From the Salmon that is harvested in the cool deep waters in Norway, Cod that is caught off the shores of Alaska, to the Hawaii Mahi Mahi. We take pride in knowing the Seafood we offer is different and exciting. If there is a favorite that you don’t see in our Seafood display, or a certain fish that you would like to try. Just ask any of our Meat Specialists and we will do our best to try and get it for you. We also have a variety of seafood entrees that will save you time. These selections are ready for you to place in the oven or go right on the grill.

We feature Fresh Flight Seafood because we love that our Fish is so fresh, it will taste like you caught it that morning.

Kevin Connor 
Merchandising Specialist Team Manager for Meat and Seafood

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