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It’s that time of year where we have to start planning Graduation parties and I’m here to help. Our Deli and Bakery Departments have a wide variety of items you can order that will make any party a huge success.

Party TraysThe first item I want to introduce you to is the Party Trays. They come in different sizes and with help from our friendly Deli staff your favorite meat and cheeses and the correct amounts that you will need for your guests – no matter the size of the party. We also have a variety of Fruit Trays and Vegetable Trays that you can order as well and they make for quick and easy appetizers for your guests.

Sloppy JoesNext, we can offer you a variety of meats that can be used in sandwiches or if you want to get creative with your guests you can serve a taco bar with all the fixings. The meat comes in a one gallon containers and the varieties we can offer are Sloppy Joe Meat, Taco Meat and Pulled Pork. Plus, don’t forget to serve them with our Four Brothers Dollar Buns – truly delicious!

Fried ChickenNow if you’re in the mood for chicken, my unbiased belief is that we have one of the best fried chicken meals around. You can order any amount you would like for your party and you can choose from, fried or grilled.

Monster SubsNext we have one of my favorites and that is the Monster Subs with a variety of meat and cheese. Slice them up in 2 inch servings and you have a great finger food for a light meal or small get together. Also, don’t forget to serve some toppings with these bad boys. I usually serve your standard mayonnaise, ground mustard and my absolute favorite is the Four Brothers Positively Parmesan Dressing. Wow! This dressing is awesome on just about everything and it will be a great addition to your Monster Subs.

Homestyle Potato SaladNow along with the sandwiches, everyone knows a graduation party wouldn’t be a party without potato salad. One of my favorites is our homestyle potato salad because its tastes so much like a homemade salad. You’ll think mom made it! We also have a variety of other salads to choose from like Southwest Quiona Salad, Mediterrian Pasta Salad and lots of others to try.

Last but not least, let’s talk cake. Our bakery offers a wide selection of flavors along with different types of frosting. What’s new in our bakery is the flavored filled cakes and oh are they ever yummy. Again they come in several flavors that you can choose from and they will be the hit of your party. We also have our scrumptious cupcakes along with a cupcake tree to display them on. This year our Bakery Cakes & Cupcakeshas also added the Gluten Free options for any of your cake needs to accommodate for your guests or your graduate!

I want to congratulate all the 2016 graduates from High School to College and as the mom in me that always says “Have fun, Celebrate, Stay safe”!!

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