Grilled Cheese Apple Skewers |

Grilled Cheese Apple Skewers

Yield: 2-3 Skewers

Grilled Cheese Apple Skewers


  • Your favorite grilled cheese sandwich
  • Rave® apple cut into 8-12 chunks.


  1. Make your favorite grilled cheese sandwich however you like it best! (We recommend whole wheat bread as a flavor complement to the cheese and apples.)
  2. While the sandwich is cooking, cut a Rave® apple into 8-12 chunks.
  3. Once the grilled cheese is lightly brown and cheese is melted through, transfer it to a cutting board and cut into 6 squares.
  4. Using skewers, alternate each sandwich square with 1-2 apple chunks. Enjoy!


This recipes is sponsored by Stemilt Rave Apple and Produce For Better Health Foundation