Memorial Day Entertaining |

Hello Everybody!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and this is the kick off to summer! This is the weekend that the cabins are opened, camping starts and we are entertaining our family and friends.

The weather isn’t always the greatest this weekend, so you kind of have to play it by ear. That’s why I try to come up with food that you can grill outside of the weather is great or you can also make inside if Mother Nature isn’t playing nice! I can hardly wait to make these recipes again. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

Cuban Sliders 

This time I have a Cuban Slider Recipe that I went crazy for the first bite I had. It makes several servings making it great for bigger get togethers. Plus, it is super quick and easy to make, so you’re spending time with your guests instead of in your kitchen!

I had a Cuban Sandwich about a year ago for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. When I saw this recipe for sliders I knew I just had to try it. I will be making this recipe several times throughout the summer because it is just that good.

Fresh Summer Salsa 

Next, I make this Summer Salsa Recipe every time I’m at the cabin entertaining because my guests absolutely love it and request it every time they come over. I can promise you that there are no left overs and your guests will be happy! It goes great with basically anything and it is even better when the fresh vegetables come from your garden later in the season. Swap the Pineapple with Mango if you prefer, or toss a little of both in for an added twist! 

We also don’t have all the time in the world like we want, so when I’m short of time I stop into anyone of our Deli Departments. They have a wide variety of salads, smoked beans and fruit salads that go great with any meal! 

Have a Great Memorial Day weekend and enjoy the kickoff to summer! We waited a long time for warm weather so let’s enjoy it with family and friends!