More 4th of July Recipes! |

Happy 4th of July Everybody!

We are in the heart of summer in the Midwest and my very favorite holiday is almost here! I love spending time in the sun, especially near the water, and entertaining family and friends. You create the best memories when you are all together on a beautiful 4th of July afternoon watching boat parades on lake and playing back yard games. 

This year I decided I don’t want to be caught up in the kitchen on the 4th of July because I don’t want to miss all the fun that’s going on outside. So, I came up with some easy and tasty ideas that I want to share with you so that you can enjoy the fun happening in your own back yard! 

Let’s get started… I decided this year that I’m finding recipes that I can make in advance that are also quick and easy. First step is the entrée! I’m going to serve Country Style BBQ Rib Sandwiches. I wanted the ribs to be so tender they would just fall apart, and I succeed! You can go boneless in this recipe but with the bone-in you get so much more flavor. And with only 3 ingredients to make the ribs, it doesn’t get much easier than that! Grab some dollar buns from any of our Bakeries and coleslaw from our Deli bringing the ingredient list up to only 5. I call that a win!  

Next  up, I wanted to prepare an appetizer to share. For all you Buffalo Wing lovers this recipe is going to blow you away! This Layered Top The Tater Buffalo Dip is perfect to make the day before and keep chilled until you’re ready to serve. Serve with some crackers and celery and you’re ready to go. You can even get the celery pre-cut in our produce departments! 

Now I always like to have some kind of special drink for my guests on the 4th of July and I wanted to really play up the 4th of July theme… so, I got a little creative this year! I decided to do a layered drink and tie in the Red, White and Blue colors. This drink is called the All American and it tastes as good as it looks! Plus, it’s also really fun to make! I wanted to use a taller glass when serving these drinks, so I doubled the recipe. You can use a shorter glass when preparing these drinks too! 

Now to garnish the drinks all I did was take a Kemps All American Popsicle and put it right in there! What better way to celebrate the 4th of July? They’re red white and blue, they make a great garnish for this fun drink, plus, they’re awesome for the kids and a cool treat on those hot summer months! 

Have a great and safe 4th of July family and friends celebration and we will see you soon!