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If you have passed by any of our pharmacies lately you may have noticed our new “PharmaSmart” blood pressure machines. If you haven’t…check them out, they are really cool! A couple key features;

  • Better fit – the cuff for your arm is made to fit 97% of all people.
  • Either arm – the cuff also pivots to accommodate either left or right arm.
  • Printer – will print out your blood pressure reading, no more scribbling it down on random scraps of paper!
  • Accuracy – these are professional medical grade blood pressure machines with clinically validated accuracy.

All that being said, really, the most distinguishing feature of these new PharmaSmart blood pressure machines is the blood pressure management “Smart Card” and the suite of features it makes available to you. When you get a Smart Card (free, just ask our Pharmacy staff) and sign up it links your readings to the card so that you can track and monitor your blood pressure;

  • The card will store the last 30 readings and the average of your last 10 readings (a much better representation of your blood pressure than a single reading).
  • Your detailed readings will print out as well when you test at the kiosk.
  • There is also a patient portal you can access here.
  • From the patient portal you can view/print your readings and enter additional readings (home blood pressure measures, blood glucose readings, lab values, etc.).

The other really cool feature is that when you use the linked Smart Card your readings will also display on your profile in the pharmacy system. This will allow our Pharmacists to better manage your medications and help you to better manage your blood pressure.

High blood pressure is the 2nd leading cause of death for Americans, it is known as the “silent killer,” has no warning signs or symptoms and people rarely know that they have any changes in blood pressure without regular monitoring. We are happy to provide this FREE service to you to help fight high blood pressure, stop by and talk to our Pharmacy staff today

Jason Miller
Pharmacy Clinical Program Mgr

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