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Hi there! I hope you were able to check out my Next-Generation Store Tour – Part 1 video and blog from September. I am now here to take you on part 2, simply because we have so many great, new offerings in our Coborn’s Marketplace stores, I couldn’t fit it all into one blog, or video for that matter. In this video I stop and talk to the Coborn’s Store Director in Isanti, Mary, we visit the Bake Shoppe, Pharmacy and Supermarket Registered Dietitian, come on let’s go!

Meet Mary

Mary, as I mentioned, is the Store Director in Isanti, Minnesota. Mary is an absolute delight. She has worked for Coborn’s for many years and is passionate about her new store. Take a look at the video as she shows me the fun new “Hop Scotch” in the cereal aisle!

Bake Shoppe

Now if you have a sweet tooth the Bakery Shoppe is going to do it for you. This is not just a typical Bakery this is a destination. The pastries here are unbelievable and Matt the Bake Shoppe Manager and his staff have taken it over the top when it comes to the goodies! But it’s not all about the sweets, they have savory treats too, like the variety of Artisan Breads that are to just die for and wait until you try the Gourmet Olive bread. I can’t top eating it!


I love that Coborn’s offers Pharmacies, and of course we have a great Pharmacy in Isanti as well. One thing I absolutely love about our Pharmacies is that they are always trying to make life easier for our guests, from walk-in vaccines, to prescription delivery to on-site consultations; it is a full-service Pharmacy.

Supermarket Registered Dietitians

At Coborn’s we strive to promote health and wellness and that is why many of our stores now offer a Supermarket Registered Dietitian. In my tour I visited with Amy, our Supermarket R.D. for Coborn’s Marketplace in Isanti and Coborn’s Superstore in Ramsey. If any of our guests have questions about food, diets, weight-management, diabetes, etc. they can get their questions answered with a quick stop to see Amy. What is even better, is that her services are complimentary.

Order Online

Does anyone else’s life get busy? I know mine does! That is why Coborn’s Marketplace in Isanti offers online shopping and same-day in-store pick-up. Simply visit, order your groceries and pick-up. You can even use your store coupons and are offered all of the same deals that you would be offered. The best part? You don’t even have to get out of the car, I know that our guests will enjoy that when it is 30 below!

We’ll that’s it! The new Coborn’s Marketplace in Isanti, MN. Find some of these great offerings in our newly remodeled Coborn’s Marketplace in Sartell, MN on Pine Cone Road as well. You are sure to enjoy the experience.


Coborn’s, Inc. Merchandising Specialist Team Manager for Bakery and Deli

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