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Kevin C.In a world as busy as ours, time is precious and sometimes limited. Not everyone has the time to be in a kitchen every evening to prepare and cook dinner.
Meal is planned on the way home from work in the middle of rush hour traffic, on a soccer field, or in a gymnasium. Dinner planning can be frustrating and sometimes feel like a chore that you really find unappealing.

Well, Help is on the way! We now have a solution for you to steal back a few of those lost minutes and gain some needed time for you. We’ve introduced a new solution for those that need a quick answer for dinner or supper.

Fresh Meal Kit

To the Table Fresh Meal Kits” are our answer to that million-dollar question, “What’s for Dinner Tonight?” We have put together several Fresh Chef Inspired meals and placed them in an easy to carry box. “To the table Meal Kits” are complete and ready to serve in just 15 minutes, all you need is a pan and cooking oil.

“To the Table Meal Kits” comprises of fresh ingredients, prepped and ready to place in the pan. A knife isn’t necessary. We have included easy to follow instructions that will walk you through the cooking process with ease.

Where to Find it 

You will find these great dinner time meal solutions in our Meal Easy Solution Center located in our fresh meat case in our meat department. These great dinner options are our way of making life just a little bit easier for you.
In this section, we have many options to choose from. “To the Table Meal Kits,” “Ready Chef Go” microwaveable entrées, and Oven Ready meal solutions are all in our new Meal Easy Solution Center. Just look for the sign:

Next time you’re looking for something quick easy and fresh for lunch or dinner, remember our Meal Easy Solution Center. We have the answer to making your busy life just a little bit easier. We won’t disappoint you.

Kevin Connor,
Merchandising Specialist Team Manager for Meat and Seafood

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