Do I really need to use separate cutting boards?

Do I really need to use separate cutting boards? - Coborn's Food Safety Coordinator, Kim


As you’re strolling through the stores this holiday season searching for the perfect gift for that foodie friend you may be running across the colored set of cutting boards. And then you stop and ask yourself is this truly something that would be useful in the kitchen?  Or necessary?  The answer truly could go both ways. The ultimate goal of the separate cutting boards is to reduce even further the risk of cross-contamination in one’s kitchen. Even commercial kitchens use these to prevent cross-contamination.  Effective cleaning will go a long way in reducing that contamination risk; however, food safety is all about building multiple barriers in your food handling processes.  Colored, even just separate cutting boards, are a good option in providing that extra barrier… so when you’re working with chicken, the yellow cutting board is used and the red one for red meat, green for produce and so on. Continue reading